Patricia Morrill appears on Mark Graban’s Lean Blog podcast 9-4-18

Patricia Morrill of PM Healthcare Consulting is the featured guest on this week’s episode of the Mark Graban Lean Blog podcast, dated September 4, 2018.

During the show, Patricia talks with Mark about her book “The Perils of Un-Coordinated Healthcare: A Strategic Approach toward Eliminating Preventable Harm.”

She also relays the story of her mother, which serves as the centerpiece of the book, who passed away following preventable medical error, and discusses how the lean concepts in her book can help to reduce the prevalence of preventable harm in today’s medical field.

To listen to the podcast, click one of the following links.

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I am passionate about spreading information to make preventable harm more discussable so we can reduce the poor statistic that preventable medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S. By integrating Lean and Project Management methodologies, we can implement organizational change more rapidly.

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